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Internet Sales Terms of Farbyrafil.pl

First, the general provisions

a) The Regulations define the terms and conditions of sale by Monika Nastawska Delivpro located in Walbrzych, ul. People 1c/15, 58-304 Walbrzych, NIP: 886-233-26-26, as a result of the sale of paints and paint support over the Internet - through the site located at URL: www.farbyrafil.pl name of Farbyrafil.pl

b) The sale takes place over the Internet in the form of a distance contract, between, purchaser, hereinafter referred to as "Customer" and the company continue Nastawska Delivpro Monika "Seller".

c) The buyer may be any natural person, legal person or organizational unit not having legal personality, having e-mail account and has full capacity to legal transactions.

d) Any person placing an order online store "Farbyrafil.pl" is obliged to read the Rules and Privacy Policy. Ignorance of these documents does not release the customer of the principles contained within them.

e) When making purchases on-line catalog confirms that customers become familiar with these regulations and the privacy policy and acknowledges that it accepts them in their current form.

Second, Customer Data and the performance of the contract

a) The provision of personal data in the registration form is necessary for the transaction of purchase. In the interest of the customer is to provide correct data allows us to contact and deliver the ordered products - Seller is not responsible for consequences resulting from false indication of the data.

b) The Seller reserves the right to withdraw from the contract, in the event that the data given by Customer during the registration will be incomplete (no first name, last name, address, telephone number or email address), or if the the data given by the Customer are incorrect or untrue.

Thirdly, Privacy Protection

a) to provide the customer personal data is voluntary, but their absence makes it impossible to make purchases. Making purchases, you agree to the use of personal data and to the extent necessary for performance of the contract by the Seller (for the delivery of the ordered products to the Customer and to account for the product).

b) a special privacy policy document defines the "Privacy Policy" available on www.farbyrafil.pl

Fourth, the economic activity

a) activities "Farbyrafil.pl" is the sale and ensure delivery of products based on orders received electronically via the online store for the url.

b) the seller shows pictures of products, but they are not mostly Personas by the seller and the differences (such as color, aspect ratio, etc.) in the look between the presentation of the site (pictured), and the original product may occur. They result mainly for technical reasons, for whom Seller is not responsible. For some products instead of of products are shown pictures of other advertising materials relating to the product (eg leaflet, folder, etc.)

Fifthly,  Purchases

a) Orders in the store based on a selection of products available in the system shop on farbyrafil.pl

b) adding the product to the "basket" and pressing the "confirm" means to order

c) the contract is accepted if the employee of store confirms product availability to sell and informs of the adoption of the contract by sending an e-mail.

d) Payment for materials and goods supplied by the shop Farbyrafil.pl is paid to Seller's bank account specified in the document when placing an order, and available in the customer panel in the sales documentation (Proforma Invoice). Payment must be made 3 working days after order confirmation.

e) The employee shall inform the changes in order status by sending an email to the address specified by the customer

Sixthly, the price

a) All prices posted on our Online Store are given in the currency assigned to the selected language content of the page:
Language Polish - Polish Zloty (PLN)
Language: German, English - Euro ((EUR)

Prices are given in both net and gross.

b) These prices do not include the cost of product delivery.

Seventh, the Delivery

a) Delivery shall be to territory of the Polish and  by the courier company

b) Delivery costs are not included in the price of the product. Delivery costs paid by the Client, according to a set price list by the Seller for the acts of delivery.

c) The seller is not liable for the consequences of random events, for which had no effect, and which prevented or hindered the performance of the contract (fire, flood, strike or other cases of workers in firms supplying random product) but if it occurs will inform you about they have occurred  and together with the client establishes a possible further implementation of the contract.

d) Order accomplishment term is is a maximum of as many days, as defined in the order confirmation, and a prerequisite for sending products to the customer is booking of payments for the contract payment on the Seller's account or choose option "courier parcel for cash on delivery"

Eighth, defects, returns

a) In accordance with the Act of March 2, 2000 on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product (Journal of Laws No. 22, item. 271, as amended. amended.) the buyer has the opportunity to return products purchased within 10 days from the date of sale while maintaining the invoice. Reimbursement shall be at the expense of requesting. Goods returned can not bear signs of use. Must be delivered intact, that in which it was shipped to the customer (also in original packaging). If the merchandise is returned in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, the Seller returns purchase price paid within 14 working days on the specified by the customer's bank account. If you want  return the product, return and send back costs are not returned.

b) Seller is not responsible for damages resulting from wrong or incompatible with the intended uses of the products purchased.

c)Defects should be reported immediately after noticing, at the latest within 7 days of receipt of shipment. Slight differences in color, proportion and other characteristicss between the presentation on the website and look of the original are result of technical reasons and may not be object of a complaint or returns products.

d) Damage to consignments in transit will be considered only on the basis of the current application is filed an employee of the company providing the ordered goods at the time of delivery.


In cases not covered by these rules shall be governed by the Civil Code.

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